Monday, December 8, 2014

One Good Deed Went Unpunished

There's a mom in the LOL group who looks a lot like Elizabeth Montgomery. For those of you too young to know that name, I'll say Nicole Kidman. I've never really talked to her, not even to tell her she looks like Nicole Kidman because 1) Thursdays are usually crazy busy, and 2) I'm sure she's probably tired of hearing that she looks like Nicole Kidman. 3) Over the years I've found that many people do not find attractive the celebrity they resemble. I've seen folks who could double for Sandra Bullock, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lawrence, but when you tell them so, they say something like, "I just really don't think she's that pretty.". I was once told I looked like Belinda Carlisle, and I smiled, because Belinda Carlisle is not bad at all, when the commenter said, "No, not Belinda Carlisle today, the one from the 80's, when she was fat and on drugs." Oh. Well, that's cool, too, I guess. Anyway, surely she has lots of other talents aside from looking like Nicole Kidman, I just never have had a chance to ask. Well, last Thursday, someone left a bag containing a laptop, a journal of some sort (I didn't read it), and sheet music. Guess to whom it belonged? And when I met her in a parking lot to give her the bag, she thanked me with good chocolate. So, ONE good deed has not only gone unpunished, but was also appreciated and rewarded! And now I know that the Elizabeth Montgomery/ Nicole Kidman lookalike mom buys good chocolate.