Monday, April 25, 2011

Tessa's Clay Sweeties (New Ones Always Added!)

Tess and friends make little figurines out of Model Magic, a type of "modeling clay meets playdoh" material. These "Clay Sweeties" are increasing in population throughout my house. This hobby is obviously here to stay for a while, so I felt it was time to show off some of Tessa's work.

Striped-Hair girl, for Arden.


Callas! My favorite!

Buffy, on the left

People, babies, pizza...

Weeping Angel

Group shot

Dog, Dragonfly

Note- Pencil shaving skirt!


Starfish detail on Mermaid

Pig, for Paige

Flower box


As demanded, the Penguin.

For scale- the nearest object, a bread doo-dad!

Medicinal Use Only

"Those orange pee pills are prescription-only in Canada. :-("

"They always make me pee my pants, and then I'm peeing my pants bright orange."

"They don't make me pee my pants"

"They also make you sweat yellow. And tint your contacts."

"Well, I don't wear contacts."

"Remember, lots of fluids, and no vaginal penetration. Clitoral stimulation is ok. But Mike would look like he had an orange kool-aid mustache."


"I have some. Do you want me to mail them to you overnight, or something?"

"No, I'm good. I have cranberry. But the orange pills really help take the pain away."

"Ok, I'd use vodka for that. It's good for all kinds of pain relief. I take it for the common cold."

"Mike says you use it for a hangnail.... "

"I use it for mild acne."

" ...or a back itch... or when you get an eyelash in your eye."