Saturday, November 28, 2009

When You Want that Fresh Feeling for the Holidays

A couple years ago, a friend sent me a link to
They had a simple little ghost that was basically a tampon with two googlie eyes attached.
I made several ghosts, and then decided to see what else I could make.
A chicken was easy...
The next holiday was Thanksgiving...

Then came Christmas!

We had so much fun making these ornaments, we made a full nativity scene.

While some folks were terribly offended by the thought of a tampon Baby Jesus (not to mention a Christmas Dragon), I also had friends requesting reindeer and angels, etc, for their trees.

Some friends kept their ornaments dangling from their rear-view mirrors year-round, and they now resemble big white cotton balls with eyes, wings or antlers, so I'm thinking of hosting a tampon crafts party, to give everyone new ornaments for their mirrors.

Strained Relationship

It all started with a free, tiny gray kitten.
We absorbed her into the family at the Mud Party, and she became a temporary indoor cat. The kids and I loved her at once. Ron was resistant, and the only way he would agree to let her stay was if we promised to pitch her out when she was big enough to fend for herself.
So, a couple weeks ago, Ron decided that she was no longer hawk food, and it was time to turn her out with the other five cats. The kids begged to let her stay inside, but Ron was adamant.

The kitten had other ideas. She thought perhaps we had forgotten her outside, so she meowed constantly at the door until dark. Then she frantically tried to get back inside, any way she could.
That meant tearing down the screens to both front windows.

We knew this looked unsightly, especially being on the front porch, where everyone would see it when they came to our house. We knew Ron would be furious when he saw it, and tell us that the kitten was a bad idea from the beginning.

Fortunately, the kids had some pride in home ownership, and decided to fix the screens...

... with purple duct tape.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Life Serial

This time, it's a box of frosted shredded wheat. Arden grabbed the box and swung it like a baseball bat at her brother. The end popped open, and the contents flew into the next county.


On the plus side, remember, no man was ever shot while washing dishes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unlucky Charms (and other phone pics)

Finally, a store that understands women!

I sent a man to the freezer for chicken. He said he looked and looked, but couldn't find any chicken, so he thawed out steak, instead. I came home, opened the freezer and snapped this pic.

My mother brought the kids a box of Lucky Charms, so the kids wouldn't try to cook while we were out on a date. I assured her that there was a big pot of chicken soup on the stove that they could eat if they got hungry.

We arrived back home to a huge Lucky Charms mess.

They were everywhere, stepped-on, crunched, crushed.
These pictures were taken after it had been mostly swept up.
I guess one could say they were UnLucky Charms!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Brainless Post

All you childless couples looking to adopt, The Shack can help you out.

And, wondering what to serve at your next Zombie Dinner Party?
I made this actual-size brain using one large box of red raspberry jello, two small boxes of blue jello, and one can of evaporated milk (regular canned milk, not sweetened condensed milk).
It was supposed to go to the Halloween/ Samhain party, but it never made it to the car.
I was looking for it in all the bags I'd brought, and finally called the house and said, "Did I leave my brain at home?"
Yes. Yes I did.
This is the second brain to fail to make it to its destination, making everything we do a "brainless activity".

But Ron and the kids (minus vegetarian Paige) have been enjoying it as dessert, so at least it's getting eaten. After all, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Please comment with all your brain puns. I know you're thinking them.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Tess designed her own costume this year.

Cross-dressing Freddie Kruger?

Madeline was an Afghani girl.

Werewolves of... LoL

You all know Beth?

Arden was Beth for Halloween.

Paige getting lots of use out of the dress she made.

The big "After-Trick-or-Treat-Trade".

Chilling in Mary Ellen's office, working on the Garden Grant.